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Anesthesiologist, masters degree in traditional Chinese medicine, professor of medicine. Currently writing a book on preventive, integrative medicine and how to stay healthy in a toxic world.
Christopher James Rasmussen, M.D.
Personal Statement:
My interest in a career in complementary care is the result of many factors. Since first taking college courses in physiology, chemistry and pharmacology, I have been fascinated by the complex mechanisms of how the mind and body work and how to influence those mechanisms to effect healing. Starting in high school, as a student of martial arts, I was introduced to east Asian methods of healing and pain relief using massage and Chinese herbs. From early on in medical school I was interested in physiology, opiate pharmacology, and relieving pain, so I gravitated toward a career in anesthesiology. I also enjoyed the idea that I could wear pajamas all day and night instead of a suit and tie. To learn anesthesia was to learn the disciplines I found most interesting in my medical education at Georgetown University School of Medicine—respiratory and cardiac physiology, biochemistry, neurobiology, and pharmacology..
As a student at Georgetown University School of Medicine, I was well trained not only in theoretical but also in clinical medicine. Living in DC was also a wonderfully rich experience. one of my favorite things to do was to run the B & O canal with my buddy Tom Sporn now a professor at Duke. At first flush Tom doesn’t look like a typical runner he’s a big and stocky guy, over the 4 years our jogs became races-right up the last huge hill on which Georgetown’s gym is perched and that SOB beat me every single time!

My internship year was spent at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix, Az. Studying internal medicine. This program gave me sound medical preparation for the complex surgical patients I would soon encounter. At Los Angeles County/University of Southern California Medical Center, my clinical experience was unsurpassed, as evidenced by being the largest trauma and orthopedic center in Southern California and the busiest obstetric service in the United States. My final year of training consisted of a cardiothoracic fellowship, high-risk obstetrics and trauma. After graduation from LAC-USC Medical Center I was offered a faculty position but chose 10 years of private practice instead. Yet my desire to learn and understand disease and suffering and hence health, healing and medicine led me on a continual path of discovery: While traveling the world and trekking with my two sisters in southeast and central Asia I experienced firsthand an ancient spiritual culture and its alternative methods of healing. It was Tibetan medicine that I saw tucked away in Mustang, Nepal. Upon returning to the USA, I decided to matriculate as a full-time student at Five Branches Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine where I have learned and practiced the arts of acupuncture, tuina massage, dietetics and herbology. In 2004, I accepted an assistant clinical professorship position at Five
Branches Institute and from there to PCOM in Chicago in 2010 where I currently teach all of the western medical courses.
For the last 7 months I have been deeply engrossed in writing my book. I believe it will the first of its kind in the sense of being a complete reference and guide toward healthy living. Many chapters are devoted toward educating you on the dangers of so many apparently innocuous “things” out there like fluoridated water and cell phones. After learning about them I help you with strategies on how to deal with these newly discovered dangers and so on. Other chapters include my proven method of losing weight which is based on several favorite books which I don’t hesitate to credit. Every patient that ever enrolled lost at least 50 pounds. All in all this book should be a valuable service to those who are overwhelmed by the media lies, disinformation and increasing environmental toxicity. It should also be of great help to physicians looking for well referenced material on controversial topics such as the use of statins (no) and eating of saturated fats (yes). The statin chapter has 150 references for example. I hope to have it out by summer 2013 along with expanding my consulting service in Wisconsin my new home.
My interest in issues related to anesthesiology is not a mere recent development, as is clear from my decision to major in chemistry as an undergraduate at Arizona State University. There, I was awarded the Merck Index Award as outstanding chemistry student of 1980.
I was also admitted into Phi Lambda Upsilon honorary chemistry society in 1978. My continuing interest is manifested in a topic that I researched in medical school on the respiratory and hemodynamic effects of Nalbuphine and its potential use in hypovolemic shock.
My research during residency training was in the use of Propofol for coronary artery grafting and ICU sedation and Esmolol in coronary artery grafting without extracorporeal circulation. (The later submitted for publication 1990).
My intense interest in chemistry as an undergraduate did not, however, blind me to the importance of my other courses—for example, geography, philosophy, art metals (jewelry), drawing and dance. My success as a student—not just as a chemistry major—is attested to by my election to Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and my graduation Magna Cum Laude.
When not occupied with my other duties, I have pursued a number of different activities over the years.
For example, I have trained in the martial arts since 1972, and I currently hold rank in several different styles of karate along with having considerable experience in freestyle and kata competition. I have seriously pursued photography since 1970, and I have been involved in the fine arts, such as art metals, ceramics and drawing, placing fourth in the Wisconsin W.F.W.C. Helen Mears art contest for a pastel drawing.

Currently, I like to maintain my fitness through strength conditioning and running and when possible, to hike and backpack with my husky. I do plenty of heavy bag work as well to maintain my kicking and punching strength and coordination.

I also enjoy cooking and was a part-time grill chef for several years at a local Milwaukee restaurant which my brother and I owned called Gill’s Cafe. Sadly we closed after 13 years but we will be back as an even better place with I hope some kick-ass BBQ and _______________, sorry it’s a secret but it will be good.
The knowledge obtained from four years of training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and masters degree certification combined with my skills in anesthesiology, pain management, internal medicine, fitness and nutrition, I believe I will be well positioned to accommodate patients with chronic and acute pain syndromes, to be helpful in areas of prevention and to better serve those patients who suffer from chronic debilitating diseases for which traditional western medicine seems to offer little if any help. My knowledge of both western and eastern medical models, and my sincere desire to relieve suffering is simply another step toward becoming a true healer, which ultimately is my main goal.
Curriculum Vitae
Christopher James Rasmussen, MD,MS.

Medical Education:
Medical School
Georgetown University School of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine Degree, 1986.
Good Samaritan Medical Center Phoenix, Arizona, Internal Medicine, 1987.
Los Angeles County/University of Southern California Medical Center,
Anesthesiology 1990
Emphasis on Obstetric and Cardiothoracic Anesthesia. (Fellowship).
Acupuncture Education:_____________________________________________________
Five Branches Institute Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Santa Cruz, California.
Awarded Master of Science Degree. June 2003.

Use of Esmolol for Coronary Artery Grafting Without Cardiopulmonary Bypass.
Dilutional Effects on Arterial Blood Gas Determinations.
Use of Propofol for I.C.U. Sedation.

Undergraduate Education:
Arizona State University
1977-1980, BA in Chemistry
Mount Mary College
Summer, 1979
University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
Merck Index Award for Outstanding Chemistry Student of The Year.
Phi Lambda Upsilon
(Chemistry Honor Society)
Phi Kappa Phi (honorary society)
Graduated Magna Cum Laude
Extracurricular Activities
Arizona State Dance Productions (Student & Performer, 4 years)
Student of Shorin Karate Studio, Inc., Maryland
Student of Yamashita Shorin Ryu Karate Studio, Wisconsin
Karate Club, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
Arizona State Blood Drives, Recruited volunteers
Volunteer Work, Scottsdale Memorial Hospital, Arizona
Arizona State Jujitsu Club
Adventure traveling; trekking in remote countries
Backpacking, camping and hiking
Strength Conditioning/Physical Fitness/Nutrition
Target shooting: competed in high-power rifle competition for several years
Martial arts/Tai Chi/Bikram yoga
Cooking – Grill Chef at Gil’s Café and Grill, Milwaukee, WI

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