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June 19, 2012



Cell phone radiation can also interrupt the brains defensive system by disabling the blood brain barrier (BBB) allowing it to leak. The BBB is one of the most elaborate and sophisticated systems in the human body. It is a specialized type of capillary that has evolved to protect the neural elements-your brain-from toxicities of all sorts while allowing nourishing molecules in and removing waste-and it has served us well. When it breaks down the capillaries become more porus to larger and more toxic molecules. At that point anything that is NOT supposed to be in the brain can gain access to it and cause severe damage, dying of neurons, or malfunction.

One of the most common causes of BBB disruption is hypoglycemia as in the chronically dieting soccer mom. Another way is through the use of cell phones. Now add a can or two of diet soda to the newly porous BBB and you have instant excitotoxin damage via NutraSweet’s ability to over-stimulate glutamate receptors within the entirety of the brain-all of the brain thanks to a leaking BBB. This is just one example of introducing stuff that’s not supposed to be in the brain without doing anything “unusual.”

One of the easiest ways scientists use to determine a breakdown in the BBB is to expose a lab rat to cell phone radiation, sacrifice the animal and look for albumin in the brain. Anywhere in the body that contains a semipermeable membrane such as the kidney or brain capillaries we see that it is designed to contain the plasma’s major osmotic proteins such as albumin within the blood stream proper. If we consistently leak albumen (in the urine) as can happen in kidney disease we eventually swell up like a balloon with edema. In other words when we see albumen in places It’s not supposed to be we should be concerned.

That’s exactly what Dr Leif Salford noticed when he demonstrated cell phone radiation can cause leaks in the BBB. In research published in June 2003, with lab rats a single two-hour exposure to a cell phone, just once during its lifetime, permanently damaged the blood-brain barrier and, on autopsy 50 days later, was found to have damaged or destroyed up to 2 percent of an animal’s brain cells, including cells in areas of the brain concerned with learning, memory and movement.[1] Learning, memory, and movement? Heck that’s Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease is it not?

Bottom line just two minutes of cell phone exposure causes BBB leaking and two hours causes permanent brain damage.

We’ve known that microwave radiation causes leaks ion the BBB for years. America’s Allan Frey, during the 1970s, was the first of many to demonstrate that low-level microwave radiation damages the blood-brain barrier. Similar mechanisms protect the eye (the blood-vitreous barrier) and the fetus (the placental barrier), and the work of Frey and others indicates that microwave radiation damages those barriers also. The implication: No pregnant woman should ever be using a cell phone.[2] There is also a blood-testes barrier that I bet is disrupted if exposed to EMF.

Dr. Salford is quite outspoken about his work. He has called the use of handheld cell phones “the largest human biological experiment ever.” And he has publicly warned that a whole generation of cell-phone-using teenagers may suffer from mental deficits or Alzheimer’s disease by the time they reach middle age.[3]

What if he’s right and entire populations develop Alzheimer’s disease or an equivalent disorder. Dr Salford and Persson demonstrated that a leaking BBB may be just the ticket: (inter alia, microwaves have been shown, by Persson, Salford, and Brun in 1997 (Wireless Networks 3, 455-461), to cause toxins to pass the blood-brain-barrier into the brain where they may initiate Alzheimer’s disease).

[1] Leif G. Salford et al., “Nerve Cell Damage in Mammalian Brain After Exposure to Microwaves from GSM Mobile Phones,” Environmental Health Perspectives 111, no. 7 (2003): 881–883. ( 05/19/2012

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