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June 17, 2012


(An excerpt from my upcoming book).  Fortunately for my ego and feelings of self worth, at about the same time that this case and Jimmie’s future were circling the drain, I stumbled upon an article Dr Russell Blaylock wrote regarding the problems he had dealing with the attending physicians treating his dying brother in a hospital I think in Mississippi (bear with me I am going by memory on this). Now Dr Blaylock is a truly exceptional physician and brilliant (a term I never use). He is the author of one of my all-time favorite books which I have added to my student suggested reading list Excitotoxins The Taste That Kills. He is author of a few other books, has a monthly newsletter that I prescribe to, and scores of research papers and articles. In other words he deserves respect he put in the time and effort.

Dr Blaylock describes how he was ignored, avoided and insulted by these holier-than-thou physicians when he tried to simply talk to them as one physician to another to find out some details on his brother’s care especially with a certain nutrient they were giving him which, as an excitotoxin, was accelerating his fatal pulmonary condition. Just like in my situation Dr Blaylock must have hit a tender spot-a lack of knowledge on excitotoxins. They would not answer or return his calls as if her were a nutcase. After days of being blackballed, as his brother lies dying, he finally had to convey a meeting through administration with all the attending physicians involved in his brother’s care-all the way to the chief of medicine. The chief turned out to be the most arrogant, sanctimonious physician of them all-claiming that if it’s not printed in one of only three journals he reads then it’s not worth knowing. Hmmm, well you probably know by now that a statement like that is pitiable in its ignorance. Recall all of the Marsha Angell and related articles on the corruption of medical studies by Big Pharma I’ve quoted in this book. That’s the last kind of doctor I ever want touching me or a relative. No question about it and unfortunately Commercial Sick Care breeds them like dirty rags breed mice.

Let me ask you why do so many doctors react like that-like a bad cop? You know with hostility, suspicion, and arrogance? It’s rhetorical, I don’t have the answer. It just seems to me anyway that if you are well trained, have a very good, deep knowledge base-and you feel good about your fund of knowledge-you would be open to new and exciting things. You would instinctively know that the more you learn of medicine’s infinite depths the less you really know and besides you can’t know everything. There will always be new and unusual cures and strangeness in medicine. Just like the newly awarded black belt: you are now truly a beginner because you can finally appreciate how little you actually know in the universe of martial arts.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case in medicine-I guess we call that trait humility which seems lacking in many of our doctors. Blaylock’s story is very touching and sad but it also made me feel a little better knowing that if doctors treated a world famous academic physician and author that way then this is a deeply rooted psychiatric problem within the medical establishment and not just my little Rodney Dangerfield problem of no respect.

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